Orgelkids USA

Enticing the public to engage with the King of Instruments by empowering them to build a working pipe organ.
Orgelkids makes the King of Instruments accessible.
What is accessible is then lovable.


To ensure a vibrant future for the pipe organ,
we should capture the interest of the next generation
when they are young,
and then they will always have a place in their heart for the organ.

Our Story

How Orgelkids came from the Netherlands to the USA, and our mission as a pilot program to help grow an independent network of kits.

Commission a Kit

Add this powerful tool for pipe organ education and outreach to your repertoire and currate a kit as a resource for your community.

Introductory Visit

Host Orgelkids in your community for an introductory visit.

Outreach Portfolio

Uses for Orgelkids are a spectrum, from small, tightly choreographed groups to being at the mercy of heaving throngs in a public space, from deep multi-faceted and impactful to fleeting, cursory interest (but new awareness nonetheless).

Support Our Cause

Orgelkids USA is an all volunteer not-for-profit organization. As a 501c3, donations to support Orgelkids USA are tax deductible as allowed by law. Click here to learn more about what work your gifts would support.